COSPAR Panel for Radiation Belt Environment Modeling (PRBEM)

The Panel was established to develop a standard model of the Earth’s trapped radiation belts. The model should be based on experimental data using all available space data sources, while theoretical considerations will serve to guarantee optimal model construction and use, and internal consistency. The functionality of the model should be defined in terms of the needs of the user community. Guidelines should be defined for developing standardized radiation monitors. Where discrepancies exist between different data sources, the PRBEM should promote critical discussion to establish the quality of the data sets. The model should be updated as new data become available and as old data bases are fully evaluated and exploited. A liaison should be established and maintained with the international scientific and space engineering communities, such as the IACG and ISO TC20/SC14/WG14, in order to ensure the availability and usability of data and models for radiation belt modeling and to encourage the sharing of modeling expertise.



Intercommission/Panel Liaisons:


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